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Toys and games

We stock a wide range of high quality toys and games which complement the Ben & Betty programme and can be used to reinforce and extend your child’s learning.


Balloons ‘n’ Rings

Age 3+
Balloons and Rings is a colour matching game to encourage numeracy. Complete with a wooden storage box, children can count and match the colour needed. W27 x L45 x H4.5cm

£ 37.75

Diamond Match

Age 3+
Designed to stimulate colour and number recognition. Use the magnetic wand to move the colourful diamonds into their correct spot

£ 30.75

Gems ‘n’ Pets

Age 2+
Stacking and puzzle activities in one toy. Choose the correctly coloured gem tile according to the activity cards and put them into the correct place. Teaches children the basic concepts of colour, quantity and order. Patterns of a bird, a giraffe, a gecko and a seahorse are painted on the back of the gem tiles as a puzzle

£ 23.75

Guessing Box

Age 2+
Build tactile awareness and vocabulary skills in various hands-on sctivities. 20 animals and 20 tiles.

27.8 x 17.3 x 15.6cms

£ 39.75

Happy Birds

Age 3+
A lovely magnetic game with a difference. Your children will enjoy building the little magnetic birds and creating their own patterns and colours, as well as following the colour cards supplied. The birds are made up of an assortment of wooden pieces that attach together with magnets. Whilst playing with the birds children will develop manipulative and create skills and learn about patterns and colours.
Size of storage box 46 x 19 x 6 cm.

£ 35.75

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