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Make a caterpillar

Cut out or buy circles of coloured
paper (either gummed or plain).
Make sure they are a reasonable
size - at least 5cm in diameter.
Stick them down onto a large
piece of paper or card, overlapping each other, to make a caterpillar. It's more fun to make his body wiggly, rather than in a straight line. Once you have stuck the paper circles down, draw or paint a face on the first circle. Then draw or paint a pair of legs on each of the body circles. Now you have a fantastic caterpillar picture!

Grow plants

Plant some cress seeds and make a cress head or a cress caterpillar. Or grow a carrot-top. Remember to use a watering can to keep them well watered. How to do it.

Cafe role play

Take turns being the waiter/waitress and the customer. Drink cups of coffee (not real ones!) and eat lots of cakes. Use play-crockery if you can!


Bake some cakes or cookies - children love baking! There are
some easy recipes here for you to make together. Don't forget
to let your child decorate the cake with icing and candles.


Read this rhyme with your child. Work out some actions to go with it that you can do
together to make it fun!

In A Cottage In A Wood

In a cottage in a wood,
A little old man at the window stood.
Saw a rabbit running by,
Knocking at the door.

"Help me, help me please," he said,
"Before that gunman shoots me dead!"
"Come little rabbit, come with me.


The Very Hungry Caterpillar 2 in 1 puzzle


The Very Hungry Caterpillar Game

If you see a crocodile...


The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle

Ideas for the letter C

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