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Ben & Betty books

Ben & Betty have a range of books
for children aged 2½ upwards.

There are the award-winning
Starter Level Pack and Level 1 Pack, each including four fantastic educational activity books and an enjoyable, easy-to-use interactive CD-ROM (PC only), which cover key skills in phonics, numeracy, reasoning and writing, as well as hand-control and basic computer skills, all in a fun, engaging format that gives amazing results that children and parents love.

The activities in these Packs are also available in individual books.

Level 2 and Level 3 continue to build on the skills learned in Starter Level and Level 1, and develop new ones. Level 2 introduces numbers 0-4, shape, money, and new reasoning skills. Level 3 introduces numbers up to 12 and the concepts of size and sets, while reinforcing everything learned in previous Levels.

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